The 6 best tips for your online charity auction

Published on 17 Aug 2021 by Auctria

The 6 best tips for your online charity auction

Charity auctions are one of the most lucrative ways for a non-profit to earn revenue, boost engagement, while attracting and retaining donors and supporters. As important as these events are, they can be difficult to plan and execute. Follow these tips from Auctria to organize the most successful online charity auctions for your non-profit.

Use auction software

The first step in planning your online charity event is to buy the right auction software that can offer you:

Auction and event planning software

The auction software can be used to organize all your event details such as guest lists, auction item lists, attendee details, logistics and more. While this helps improve planning and execution of the online charity event, it also ensures your donors, bidders and guests have a seamless, more enjoyable event. The software can also track several metrics that can help you plan future events more profitably too.

Mobile bidding

Non-profits can use this feature as an alternative to bidding sheets, allowing bidders and donors to place their bids using their smartphones.

Recruit an experienced team of volunteers

Organizing a successful online charity auction is not a one-person job. Having an experienced team, especially with key players who have organized online charity auctions before, can ensure your event is a resounding success. So, who are the key players you must hire?

  • A recruitment team
  • An auctioneer
  • An emcee
  • Auction spotters
  • Auction monitors

Keep detailed records

An online charity auction consists of hundreds of items that have to be organized and kept track of. Using detailed records of each item can help in the planning and execution of your online charity auction. Auctria recommends recording the following details of each item:

  • Name
  • Auction number
  • Description
  • Donor name and contact details (if applicable)
  • Market value
  • Starting bid

Create a master list with the above-mentioned details in an Excel sheet or an auction software such as that from Auctria. Our software streamlines the online auction process by helping manage donors, bidders, procurement, and the like.

At the end of your online charity auction, add relevant details such as names of highest bidders and amounts raised for each item into your master list.

Make your items the star

Display each item prominently, giving bidders an opportunity to view all items and decide what they would like to bid on. Several non-profits keep items hidden to build up the suspense, thinking this would make these more attractive to bidders.

However, Auctria recommends using different display styles based on the kind of auction you are organizing:

Live auctions

In this auction style, volunteers can bring items to the stage as and when the auctioneer begins auctioning them off. However, if the item is too large or unable to be brought to the stage, use a projector to display high-quality pictures and videos of the same.

Silent auctions

In silent auctions, items of a particular category can be arranged and displayed on tables for bidders to view and choose from.

Online auctions

Use Auctria’s auction software to showcase images of the items you would like to showcase to your bidders. As an alternative, you can provide a link to your catalog as a reference.

Be strategic with the auction item order

The order in which your items are auctioned is important as it can affect the success of your online charity auction. The idea is to create suspense with the order, so bidders look forward to forthcoming items. However, it is important to give bidders enough time to bid on the items they are interested in without rushing them.

Make bidding convenient

It is important to make bidding as convenient as possible for your bidders and donors as they are less likely to participate in future events if they do not enjoy the process. Implement mobile bidding, optimize bid sheets, and use bid paddles during the auction for the convenience of your bidders, donors, and supporters.

Follow these tips from Auctria, experts in fundraising management solutions for small and medium non-profit organizations, to organize the most profitable online charity auctions for your cause!