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Beyond Auctions: innovative events to raise more money for your organization

Auctria's platform is designed for event and auction fundraisers. This means all the fundraising that happens for the events can be streamlined easily. Because of the flexibility of the event website to change colors, images, video, links and pages each event is unique. Here is a collection of some of the more colorful and extraordinary events.

Boss of the Toss, Cornhole Tournament

This cornhole tournament was a ticketed event. Sales on the website were for Full Team, Individual tickets and Sponsorhships. Also available, were Fan tickets for those that just want come and watchand socialize. Game winners will receive large cash prizes based upon dollars raised!

Key Note Speakers Draw Attention and Increase Attendance

Having a keynote speaker at a gala event draw attention and increases attendance. In addition keynote, speakers often have a wide network of contacts and connections. Having them at the event can create valuable networking opportunities for attendees, sponsors, and organizers.

Created by: kind + co events

Upcycle for Keepsake Auction Items

This school got new bleachers! Instead of sending the old bleachers to the landfill they used the wood from the old bleachers and made a few home decor items out of them. A Wood bench, wood clock and a wood flag were all created by local artisans. These items were hot commodities in our auction because they were useful and had history. What do you have that can be upcycled to a keepsake?

Business Partner Sponsorship Sales Online

This school sells business partnerships at the beginning of each academic year. Local business want to get the best banner location and it sells out fast! Using Auctria the registers are open 24-hours a day. Managing inventory, locations and sold-outs automatically makes it so simple raise lots of money.

Casino Night, Horse Racing

A horse race was a central activity and fundraiser throughout the evening at Casino Night hosted by The Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan, KS. The main attraction at the Casino Night was their version of a horse race. Each entry was $100 and only 100 tickets/ horses were available for sale. Using an online character race timer, Stopwatch.

Chili Cook Off, peer-2-peer competition

Circle of Friends hosted a chili cook off at their Changing Futures event. Guests donated to help select a champion! To vote for your favorite competitor, simply make a donation of any denomination to Circle of Friends. The competitor with largest total of donations will be crowned the Changing Futures Chili Cook Off Champion!

Created by: gEvents

Bikes are Art and Auction Items

ArtReach's Charity Art Auction is a popular annual event that displays the creativity of local and renowned artists. The fundraiser challenges artists to transform ordinary objects into unique and extraordinary works of art, promoting the idea that art can come from anything.

Golf Tournament

Sell tournament tickets, sponsorships, and dinner admission tickets with Auctria. Increase sponsor value by featuring them on the event website. Provide tournament details including location, schedule, and map.

Peer-2-Peer & Ambassador Fundraising

Together with our friends and relatives, we look forward to honoring Native perseverance, resilience, and vibrancy. We gather to be inspired by the stories of our grantee partners, who have cared for our elders and youth, honored our cultures, and offered their beauty to the world during a difficult time.

Each Virtual Ambassador has their own donation buttons and thermometer.
Total raised +$226,000

Created by: GFS Events

Tournament: Ball Hockey & Hype Video on the front page

The BMO Top Shelf 4 on 4 Barrhaven Ball Hockey Tournament uses Auctria to register teams for their tournament. Boys and girls recreational division is 4 on 4 ball hockey. The Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre (NROCRC) is a much needed, well-used community service organization that helps vulnerable individuals and families lead better lives.

Christmas Under the Clocktower

Select your favorite tree and vote. Each dollar donated to your favorite tree is equivalent to one vote. If you can't choose just one, you're able to vote for multiple trees!!! Your votes directly support the great work that each non-profit does in our community.

Total raised 2022 +$25K Total raise 2021 +$36K Multiple charities

Created by: Eventfull

NHL Player Worn Jerseys and Milestone Pucks

If you're a hockey fan, you know that owning a piece of the action is priceless. NHL Ottawa Senators make owning a jersey worn by your favorite player, or a puck that made the game-winning goal possible. And with online auctions, it's easier than ever to get your hands on those treasures.

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  • Boss of the Toss, Cornhole Tournament
  • Key Note Speakers Draw Attention and Increase Attendance
  • Upcycle for Keepsake Auction Items
  • Business Partner Sponsorship Sales Online
  • Casino Night, Horse Racing
  • Chili Cook Off, peer-2-peer competition
  • Bikes are Art and Auction Items
  • Golf Tournament
  • Peer-2-Peer & Ambassador Fundraising
  • Tournament: Ball Hockey & Hype Video on the front page
  • Christmas Under the Clocktower
  • NHL Player Worn Jerseys and Milestone Pucks