Easy Texting for Fundraising with Auctria

No need for a separate vendor for text-2-give services.

Use as stand-alone or in conjunction with an larger event.
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Easy To Use Texting

Maximize engagement with your supporters

Texting is a great fundraising tool! Mobile devices can either be found in-hand or close by at all times. Giving campaigns that include text-2-give provide a quick and low-friction way for supporters to contribute.

Auctria makes text-2-give easy and affordable. Use during an event and can continue with this functionality year-round.

The best part is the fees are no different with text-2-give donations as they would be for any bidding, donation or for-sale activity within the Auctria platform.


Use as stand alone text-2-give or in conjunction with an event. No need for a separate vendor for text-2-give services.
  • No donor registration required
  • Local area code number provided
  • Send outbound text notifications
  • Text donation amount to phone number
  • Payment link to secure gateway
  • Perfect match for when you want to run just an appeal or paddle raise

Text for Events & Auctions

All your bidders are already interacting with your organization during an event fundraiser. Texting is another pathway to raise more money for your cause.
  • Text-2-Register: easy & quick registration for bidders
  • Text-2-Bid
  • Receive outbid notifications & quickly re-bid
  • Check the status of winning bids
  • Payment link to secure gateway
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