Mobile Bidding for an Auction Fundraiser

Mobile Bidding for an Auction Fundraiser: Proven Methods

Auctria offers silent auction mobile bidding! The mobile application is available for both Apple and Android devices. As with any new technology, there is a right place and right time to use it. To make the best decision for your organization’s auction fundraiser consider these benefits.

Faster Bidding

The auction fundraising success can be raised with mobile bidding utilization. Mobile bidding’s chief benefits:

  • make it easier for bidders to view the catalog from their device

  • makes it easier to scan the auction catalog by category, and personal bidding status

  • Mobile bidders receive instant outbid notifications with a quick click to re-bid

The quicker a bidder can find the items they want to bid on, the faster the auction income can rise. The quicker a bidder realizes they have been outbid, the sooner they can rebid. Faster bidding means fundraising soars.

Biding From Anywhere

Mobile bidding opens the bidder pool to a much wider audience. For online auction fundraisers, mobile bidding is highly recommended. For an in-person event, the recommendation to use mobile bidding takes a little more consideration.

In-Room Bidding at an In-Person Event

At an in-person event, silent auction bid sheets can be replaced with mobile bidding. The key here is to encourage all bidders to download and use the application. In addition, ensure there is wifi or mobile service availability. Benefits and scenarios that make mobile bidding a great match are:

  • Functions with familiar faces. Functions where it’s the regular crowd, where it’s a bit more social rather than formal presentations, keynote speakers where you would want undivided attention.
  • Functions that are spread out over time or space. Silent auctions at an event (ie carnival, music, art show) gain lots of attention to auction items. However, many bids are placed but never re-bid because the silent auction is in a static location or over an extended period. The bidders that placed bids at the beginning of the event may not be on location at the close of the event. Utilizing a mobile app will notify bidders that may not be present that they have been outbid; encouraging rebids

Pairing Mobile Bidding and Kiosk Bidding

For bidders that choose not to download the app on their personal device during a mobile bidding auction, Auctria does have a kiosk mode. A kiosk mode website will function essentially the same as the auction website. This allows a bidder to walk up to the device, browse the items and place their bids quickly. When the bidder clicks on an item in the catalog (and online bidding is open for the item) a form prompts for a bidder# and amount. No need to sign in, just enter the bidder# and amount and click on Bid. If there is an email address associated with the bidder, they will still be notified by email when they are outbid, and if text messaging is enabled and a phone# is available for the bidder, they will get a text message too.

Online Auction & Mobile Bidding Considerations

Going online can expand the bidder pool. Auction fundraising depends on bids, bids depend on bidders. The greater the number of bidders, the more bidding will take place and the higher the bids. Similar to traditional silent auctions, there is a start time, end time, and the bidding process takes place in between, but is completely web-based. Online auctions add a layer of flexibility for both the auction itself and the participants.

Online Auction Accelerators:

Proxy Bidding-Have you ever run an online auction fundraiser and the bids come in s-l-o-w-l-y one by one? Although small increments for online auctions can provide engagement and activity, it may not produce the maximum potential for the highest bids. In a standard online auction, after each bid is placed, the outbid bidder receives a notification. However, they then NEED to bid again to be back on top, and because people are busy, they might forget.

  • Proxy bidding, during online auctions the bidding fury takes over as the clock ticks closer to closing time. The winner is the one that gets that very last bid at the mere moment before the auction closes. The winning bidder is super happy, but how much higher could the bids have gone? Online auction technology has removed the sniper and increased auction proceeds with an bid extension feature. bid extension accelerates the bidding so more bids can be placed, thus increasing the final bid.

Enabling & Utilizing the Mobile Application

Auctria’s mobile application is a true downloadable application. It is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store and available for Apple devices from the App Store.

mobile admin and bidder views.jpg

Enable Mobile Bidding

The Online/Mobile bidding feature in Auctria allows you to configure the rules for online bidding, and particularly customize the mobile app experience. When you click on Online/Mobile from the dashboard, you can access different settings pages and set up the mobile app. Custom text and an image can be added here to brand the auction and this will be shown on the event home page in the app after the bidder signs in. You can also provide a silent auction display page that includes a QR scan code for each auction item allowing a bidder to scan for an exact item and place a bid in seconds.

Mobile bidding gives the administrator more ability to communicate with bidders. You can also send bidders notifications from the website via the communication page. These will pop up on the bidder's devices and appear in their messages tab.

Bidder Usage

At an in-person auction event, instead of printing bid sheets for every auction item, offer a few ways to access mobile bidding. Provide a scannable QR code or email to download the Auctria app. When clicking from your mobile device this AUCTRIA MOBILE LINK will open the appropriate mobile app store. When QR codes are on the auction item display page after signing in, click on the menu icon on the left of the header will open the app's menu to allow you to navigate to the different pages: Scan Item QR Code bidders you can scan a QR code from a printed item display page. The Auctria app will jump to that item to give quick access to the exact item they want to bid on.

For more information on how Auctria can help your fundraising efforts and silent auction mobile bidding, contact us today!