Contactless Event Fundraising

Published on 12 Oct 2021 by Auctria

Contactless fundraising only means touchless, it doesn’t dampen the fun though! When utilizing Auctria contactless features let the bidder, donor, supporter make meaningful donations with ease and peace of mind with health, welfare, and safety as the first priority.

Soliciting and Submitting Donations

Seeking auction item donations typically involves knocking on doors, handing out letters, and ramping up the texts and phone calls to those in the network of the charity at large as well as individuals. Most times it takes a few visits to connect with the decision-maker.

Use a pre-built element form and let donors provide information for a donation directly on the website. The administrator will get an email notification when the form has been completed. You will need to review the auction item and complete the details such as images, starting bid then approve the item. You can add your solicitation letter to your website as well using our PDF Document Uploader.

Solicit for auction items directly from your event website. Local service providers use this to make a donation and follow up with an e gift-certificate. And even if it’s a product a donor can complete the form to notify the auction team that a donation is waiting for pick-up. This works really well for schools where teachers and staff donate their time for parties or activities. Pair this with the donation request letter on the page for a complete self-serve procurement.

Soliciting and Purchasing Sponsorships

Go contactless for processing sponsorships directly from your event fundraiser website. Market for sponsorships on the event website and provide for the purchase in the same location. Sponsors can make a purchase 24/7 when it is convenient for them. When they purchase the sponsorship and you have a sponsor catalog or row on the website that will dynamically be updated as well.

If you already accept sponsors outside of Auctria - still consider advertising the sponsorship opportunities on your Auctria website. It adds ‘authority’ and purpose to the event. If you already accept sponsors but are offline still consider utilizing Auctria. Advertising the sponsorship opportunities on the website adds ‘authority’ and purpose to the event. Track the sales on Auctria and then you can show when sponsorships are selling out. Nothing motivates people to make a purchase like seeing another sponsor there. Create FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, it’s true sponsors-beget-sponsors. Make your next event a sold-out one for sponsorships.

Many sponsors include admission tickets, if that is your case you will want to make the Sponsorship a ticket, instead of a for-sale item.

Bidding on Auction Items

Online auctions are the simplest way to go contactless. If you are at a venue the online auction can run as it would if were only online but with a few or all the items on display. Instead of having a silent auction bid sheet next to the item print just the Display Page with a QR code. The bidder can either search for the item in the catalog or scan the QR code and land directly on the exact item bidding page. The faster bidders can make a bid the better. The more bids that come in the higher they soar.

Bidder Access

Contactless check-in and bidding with pre-registration and access codes. At an in-person event, the check-in table tends to be an area of high contact.

Eliminate check-in altogether. When setting up the event, allow for supporters to add a credit card to their bidder record. The Bidder Registration/Purchase Receipt email is sent as part of the Bidder Registration/Checkout and provides a link to confirm their email address. Once that is complete there is no need on the Auctria side to interact with the bidder for bidding or checkout purposes.

If an attendee shows up at the door and cannot find their registration email that’s ok. As an admin you can resend the access code via text and email.

Text 2 Register, Donate, Bid, Buy, Pay

Texting can be used for bidder registration, receiving outbid notices, donations, payments, purchase for-sale items, and also as a final payment.

During the event, fundraiser texting is a superhighway to get in the action fast!

Texting set-up features & options:

  • Allow bidders to register by text message
  • Allow bidder to receive outbid notifications
  • Supporters can make purchases via text for any for-sale items

Mobile Application

Auctria’s mobile app is another way for bidders to remain contactless. The mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. Using the mobile app provides for fast bidding. Phone pop-ups for outbid notifications are quite effective in getting people to rebid.

Payments and Collections

The end of the event fundraiser is another part that can go (almost) contactless. If the bidding was completely online or mobile the final bids are automatically recorded at the time specified in the online bidding period. The bidder will automatically receive a final bid notification. If enabled for credit cards there will be a payment link. The bidder can click the link and settle up their account.

The only thing left to do is give the bidder their won items.

Bidder payment links can be triggered from the administrator via email or text as well. Again, each will contain a payment link. Bidders can use the card on file or add their contact details and credit card information if it is not on file.

Contactless Means Safety

When you are planning to use these contactless features, share this information. Pair this with your other safety parameters to encourage participants to attend.