Virtual Fundraising for Non-profits: A Guide

Published on 15 Sep 2021 by Auctria

Virtual fundraising for non-profits: A Guide

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, non-profits across the globe have adopted the virtual fundraising model to drive their missions forward. Virtual fundraising can be highly beneficial to non-profits as an engagement tool that allows for the generation of revenue even during uncertain times. Auctria, providers of online fundraising tools for non-profits and businesses, explains why and how your non-profit can leverage the power of virtual fundraisers.

What is virtual fundraising?

In virtual fundraising, a non-profit can organize and conduct events or campaigns on a completely online platform. This allows for donors and supporters from across the globe to participate and engage.

What are the benefits of virtual fundraising?

The biggest advantage of a virtual fundraiser is that donor engagement is not restricted by location or region. Amidst social distancing guidelines, non-profits can widen their audience and enjoy the engagement of donors from any part of the world. This, coupled with the reach of social media and other sharing methods, can encourage people who otherwise would not have been part of the event, if held physically. Other benefits of virtual fundraising include:


Virtual fundraising offers the ability to collect data and analytics. Through this, non-profits can retrieve important insights such as the most active donors, the campaigns that are working and those that are not, as well as location data of donors and supporters. This is valuable in developing future strategies and fundraising campaigns.

Giving tools

Using virtual fundraisers, non-profits can offer their donors with multiple donation options such as PayPal, bank transfer, credit card and more. And all this, from the comfort of their homes.

How can a non-profit get started with virtual fundraising?

Auctria provides the following tips to embark on your virtual fundraising journey:

Event idea

The reason behind your cause or event can help you develop the most enticing way to market and fundraise it. For example, if you are fundraising for a sportsperson or team, the event can be a virtual walk-a-thon or a virtual 5K.


Once you have decided to organize a virtual fundraiser, do some research on the kind of software that will be the most beneficial. Remember, it must be user-friendly for all the people attending as well as for you and your team to manage. Thus, Auctria’s easy to use, powerful tool can help you run a virtual fundraiser of any size.


Use data analytics from previous online campaigns to set goals in terms of donors, money raise, attendance etc.

Resources for virtual fundraising

Now that you understand the benefits of a virtual fundraiser, we are sure you are curious to organize your own. Auctria has collated the following additional resources for you to make that transition:

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For more information on how we can help you organize your virtual fundraiser, contact Auctria today!