Auction Teamwork: Roles & Tasks

Published on 15 Feb 2016 by Auctria

Auction Teamwork: Blueprint for Roles and Tasks

Auction teams are a great way to include all types of volunteers. Diverse skills of the volunteers only enhance the outcome of the fundraiser. Consider splitting or combining duties depending upon the number and type of volunteers that step forward.

Communication is the key to successful teaming

Auctria coordinates the team activities and communications! With online real time data input the team is always up-to-date and current. Use Auctria as the homebase for the entire event, start to finish. Auctria seamlessly allows for procurement database tracking, printing. Run the entire auction operations from Auctria, then closeout, collect, and thank all the donors and bidders.

auction team descriptions brief.jpg

Auction Committee

  • Establish goals
  • Map out overall process
  • Define bidding audience
  • Refine donor targets
  • Recruit volunteers

Event Team

  • Coordinate venue
  • Define theme
  • Enlist keynote speaker
  • Book entertainment
  • Space planning
  • Vendor selection and management
  • set-up & breakdown
  • auction presentation

Procurement Team

  • Create donation request letter
  • Secure donations
  • Track donations
  • Create auction documents
  • Follow-up thank you letters to donors

Auction Data Team

  • Establish consistent pricing
  • Establish starting bids & buy-it-now pricing
  • Manager bidder assignment
  • Manage auction item details and bid sheets
  • Manage item details
  • Oversee printouts, bid sheets, catalog & display pages
  • Manage auction close-out

Marketing Team

  • Promote the event
  • Promote online, silent and live auction
  • Promote online catalog to encourage early bidder registration, and/or proxy bidding
  • Sell event tickets and raffle tickets
  • Capitalize on public relations and social media

Auction Timeline