Keepsakes as Auction Items

Published on 20 Jan 2016 by Auctria

Keepsakes as Auction Items

Keepsakes as auction items can be a dynamic way to increase auction awareness and success. Keepsakes create auction items where the bidders are emotionally & lovingly tied to the charity. Keepsakes are highly sought after for school based events. Keepsakes turn mundane objects into truly priceless one-of-a-kind pieces. Pricing Keepsake items is also flexible but can produce very high yields.

Auctria maximizes and organizes the income potential of keepsakes! Check out Auctria's Pinterest board-Keepsakes for lot of photos.

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Auctria is a powerful engine auto-creates elegant and professional looking marketing resources including: display pages, on-line and printed catalog. Effortlessly post photos of the keepsake and description. Using the built-in display page simply print or share to market the keepsake and let the bidding begin!

Here are some keepsake auction items for inspiration:

  • photo- this can be themed, large group photo or a collage of the class/group
  • photo book- book allows for more content, include a photo and a special memory for each child such as:
  • growing up-what do you want to be when you grow up
  • yummy treats- favorite recipe, include recipe handwritten by each child
  • a day in the life- favorite part of school day
  • favorite book or character in a book is the class already working on big project, document the progress and instant keepsake
    Self-portrait collage, collect artwork and scan into any photo printing program
  • Household items, furniture, textiles that are embellished with students handprints or fingerprints. Be sure to include each child’s name or let that goes with the item to truly make it priceless keepsake.
    • child's chair
    • beach bag
    • tray
    • book case
    • step stool
    • blanket/ throw
    • canvas print/art
    • pillow
    • mug
    • water bottle
    • playing cards
    • puzzle
    • ornaments
    • computer mouse pad
    • calendar
    • apron