YES YOU CAN | Find Event Sponsors
Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 6:00pm UTC

No matter the size of your organization or event you can find sponsors. If you already have sponsors learn how to grow the quantity as well as increase the sponsorship levels. Level up and increase income.

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Laurie Hochman

Laurie Hochman has a passion for helping groups exceed their fundraising goals. After using Auctria for many auction fundraisers, she joined the team to help others boost their auction fundraising for many wonderful causes. Auctria has been used for over 40,000 auctions and events raising over $400 million.

“The beauty in what is done with the money raised with Auctria is what motivates me every day to help auction teams succeed. Hope all your bids soar!”

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A.J. Steinberg

A.J. Steinberg, Principal of Queen Bee Fundraising, a company dedicated to teaching nonprofits successful fundraising event planning strategies. She has raised millions of dollars by producing over 100 successful silent auctions over the past two decades. A.J. can be reached by email: