[Start to Finish 2 of 4] Tickets, Tables, Sponsors
Friday, September 9th, 2022 5:00pm UTC

Start to Finish webinars are walkthroughs for some of the most commonly requested uses for auction and event fundraising.

Agenda for 2 of 4 webinars | Tickets, Tables, Sponsors

Ticket types
Adding meal choices
Table seating set up and modifying
Set up and sell sponsorships with and without tickets
Printing table lists, meal list
Create test event and training volunteers
webinar will be followed by Q+A

Presenter image
Laurie Hochman

Laurie Hochman has a passion for helping groups exceed their fundraising goals. After using Auctria for many auction fundraisers, she joined the team to help others boost their auction fundraising for many wonderful causes. Auctria has been used for over 40,000 auctions and events raising over $400 million.

“The beauty in what is done with the money raised with Auctria is what motivates me every day to help auction teams succeed. Hope all your bids soar!”

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Tracy Peterkins

Auctria support team and concierge leader.