FB Live: Finding Auction Items Round-Table
Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 7:00pm UTC

FB Live event with experts who have successfully run virtual live fundraising events.

This was live-streamed on the Auctria Facebook page, click for playback

  • Renee Zau, Donation Match
  • Alex McDonald, Travel Pledge
  • Eliza & Scott Friedman, Jewels With a Purpose
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Laurie Hochman

Laurie Hochman has a passion for helping groups exceed their fundraising goals. After using Auctria for many auction fundraisers, she joined the team to help others boost their auction fundraising for many wonderful causes. Auctria has been used for over 50,000 auctions and events raising over $500 million.

“The beauty in what is done with the money raised with Auctria is what motivates me every day to help auction teams succeed. Hope all your bids soar!”

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Eliza & Scott Friedman

Eliza & Scott Friedman Jewels With a Purpose

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Renee Zau

Renee started serving on fundraising committees nearly 20 years ago. All too familiar with the arduous process of securing auction donations, as well as challenges on the giving side as a multi-location business owner and mentor, she launched DonationMatch, a platform that streamlines how donor companies and nonprofit organizations handle in-kind donations and opportunities. To date, DonationMatch has facilitated more than $65 million of in-kind donations to 30k events.

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Alex McDonald

Alex McDonald