Thank You, Thank Everyone

Published on 1 Jan 2016 by Auctria

Thank-You, Thank-Everyone

Thank Everyone means: Donors, Bidders & Volunteers

Sincere thank you letters to each and every donor and bidder are a necessity. Professionally acknowledge the philanthropy in a timely fashion. The donor may require a follow up for their records for future requests AND it’s the right thing to do. The organization or individual was kind enough to spend time helping the fundraising auction so please properly thank them.

thank you letter overview 500x500.jpg


  • short and sweet
  • how the donation will help the recipients in conjunction with the goals and mission of the fundraiser:
  • provide food/ shelter/ services for community
  • fund the programs/ arts/ sciences/ sports
  • increase outreach
  • purchase computers/ technology
  • fund/ feed/ help children
  • help research to eradicate disease
  • provide opportunities to people/ animals
  • save/ feed/ nurture animals

Get Creative, Go Viral:

If pictures tell a 1000 words imagine what a video can do to tell the story. Visuals instantaneously connect the donation contributions to the cause. Create a video, post to YouTube and link; or share privately in email and social streams. Present a visual story showing all the great ways the contributions have helped the the mission. Recognize top donors and groups.

ALWAYS include contact-us information in any communications.


  • send out as soon as possible after the auction closes (at most within 2 weeks of the fundraising auction closing)
  • most thank-you letters can be printed prior to the event closing, then simply mail out after, this helps with the after event fatigue

Future Programming:

  • use the thank you letter to provide show how to to help in the future
  • save-the-date of next event(s)
  • provide information for volunteer opportunities

Contact Information:
provide current contact information on how to connect with the fundraising group should the need arise

Double the Donation:

Double the donation with Corporate Matching. Small and large corporations have programs that will match an employee's non profit personal donation, many times these are overlooked or forgotten about. A timely and simple reminder on the Thank You letter should be a prompt to the donor to consider inquiring with their employer or HR department to determine matching gift eligibility. Always include a receipt that can be shared with the employer to facilitate the process.
Double the Donation can help streamline these efforts.

Auctria organizes and automates the thank you letter process

Auctria program can help facilitate the thank you letter process. Customizing Appearance
It is a common requirement to want to add your own logo, contact or non-profit status information to a form. Auctria supports this using Stationery Files

Bidder Statements

Auctria will create PDF files of the bidder statements. This page generates a single PDF file with a page for each bidder with activity. Statement for individual bidders can be downloaded from the bidder details pages. Customize statements with stationery.

Donor Statements

Auctria will create PDF files of the donor receipts. This page generates a single PDF file with a page for each donor. Receipts for individual donors can be downloaded from the donor details pages.

Thank you letter: bidder

Thank you letter: volunteer

Thank you letter: donor