Symphony of Generosity: The City Choir of Washington's Giving Tuesday to Year-End Campaign: Lessons for Harmony of Giving

Published on 8 Dec 2023 by Auctria

As Giving Tuesday unfolded, the City Choir of Washington, a distinctive member volunteer organization, conducted a symphony of generosity, seeking to inspire community support and shared harmony.

What started as a one-day campaign evolved into a harmonious year-end initiative, weaving together self-funding, multi-generational vibrancy, and an unwavering commitment to community engagement. Their Giving Tuesday turned year end donation campaign was a success! Emily Hantman, the City Choir’s vice president and leader of their online fundraising brainstormed with Erin Freeman, the group’s Artistic Director shared their story here.

By engaging the community The City Choir of Washington strategically kicked off its giving campaign by generating anticipation a few days before the big day. On Giving Tuesday, at 6 am, the first email hit inboxes and social media platforms. Every two hours or so social media posts were updated and the giving continued.

Matching the Beat with a Donation Match(s)

Thanks to a generous private donor there was a donation match of $5000. The $5k goal was hit by mid day! The private donor generously offered an additional round of funds to finish off the day. Donation matches are a great incentive for supporters to make an even bigger difference. This only amplifies the impact of their collective contribution.

Donation Opportunities that are a Visual Symphony

The choir adopted a unique approach to donation levels, creating an innovative and visually appealing structure that mirrored the artistry of their performances. To enhance the experience of giving, the City Choir incorporated visuals that mirrored the donation amounts. The heart of the campaign lay in the creatively crafted donation amounts for all levels of giving, which were suggested by the group’s artistic director, conductor Erin Freeman.

  • $28: A Note for Music LoversA donation for each occurrence of the words 'music,' 'song,' or 'singing' in the program, reflecting the lyrical essence of the choir's performances.
  • $55: Bass II HarmonyCovering the cost of Robert A. Harris’s music scores for the City Choir’s Bass II section, nurturing the foundation of their vocal ensemble.
  • $120: A Shakespearean Serenade Funding the projection of Shakespeare's words in Vaughan William’s Serenade to Music, showcasing the choir's commitment to diverse artistic expressions.
  • $220: Orchestral Measures Supporting 10 measures of the orchestra in Elgar’s The Music Makers, contributing to the richness of the choir's musical tapestry.
  • $312: Pianist's Precision Tuning a piano played by their very own pianist, ensuring the instrument resonates in perfect harmony with the choir.
  • $569: A Minute of Musical BrillianceCovering the cost of one minute of music during the concert, allowing supporters to directly influence the choir's performance duration.

The donation levels were carefully calculated to provide meaningful information for multiple levels of giving opportunities. Calculating real expenses for real impact.

Social Media Messaging

Carrying the messaging to social media proved effective. City Choir of Washington is active on social media year-round. So followers turn to their page for events regularly so this was a perfect communication channel to ask for donations.

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Because they are a choir it is only fitting that they recorded and shared a choral. thanksgiving message. This too was shared on their website and social media.

Giving Tuesday becomes a year end campaign

The campaign, which initially spanned just a few days leading up to and including Giving Tuesday. Riding on that success the choir decided to convert the GT donation page into a general end of year campaign page. This took little effort since the majority of the work was already completed.
Together, they composed a melody of giving that reverberated far beyond the confines of a single day, creating a lasting impact on the cultural symphony of their community.
Special thanks to Emily Tsai, the City Choir’s vice president and leader of their online fundraising, for sharing the expert advice.

The City Choir of Washington is a member-driven choral community that is as committed to the music it performs as to the city it serves. It presents thoughtfully curated musical events throughout the Washington, DC metro area to uplift and inspire audiences and singers alike.

Their vision seeks to serve as a model organization where artistic excellence, strong community, and positive culture mutually reinforce each other. To this end, City Choir will develop techniques and pursue opportunities that enrich our performances, performers, and contributions to the community, while strengthening our core organization.

Special thanks to Emily Hantman and Erin Freeman for sharing their fundraising advice. Follow the City Choir on Facebook.

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