Pump up Summer Donations

Beat the Summer Fundraising Slump

Auction is over and it's summertime! Pump up summer donations without asking for cash. Beat the summer donation slump by re-connecting with past donors and bidders. This is a great time to re-thank and re-ask for donations. Summer time does not have to be a flat out ask for cash, this time ask for a donation match.

Many corporations match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits, to support employee charitable giving, and to extend corporate philanthropy.

Matching donations, or matching gifts, are free money that nonprofits often miss out on because of limited information on donors’ employers, complex corporate giving programs, and because the corporate matching process is usually unknown for employees.

Double the Donation is the best way to this. Here is the why and the how.


Matching Gifts: Combining the Power of Individuals with Companies

Matching gifts elevate the capability of your donors’ contributions. One donation is always welcome. Two donations for the work of acquiring one seems too good to be true. It’s not. Matching gifts give nonprofits that exact opportunity.

Companies big, small, and everything in between, match gifts. Most programs are not only generous about giving money, but are willing to donate to a broad spectrum of organization types.

Takeaway: Many donations can be doubled.


Nonprofit Eligibility

Approximately 2/3 of companies with matching gift programs match employee donations to nearly any 501(c)(3) organization or educational institution.

The other 1/3 of companies match donations to specific types of organizations, such as:

Educational institutions (K-12 included)
Health and human services
Arts and cultural organizations
Civic and community organizations
Environmental organizations
Takeaway: Many nonprofits are eligible to receive money from matching gift programs.


Ratios and Amounts

Companies apply minimums and maximums to their matching gift programs. The most common minimum amount that companies will match is $25, though minimum matches range from $1 – $100. Maximums typically go from $1,000-$15,000.

The majority of companies match donations at a 1:1 ratio, although ratios can be set at anything from .5:1 ($.50 match on every dollar donated) to 4:1 ($4 match on every dollar donated).

Takeaway: A single additional gift matched can provide thousands of dollars for your organization.


Top Matching Gift Companies

Did you know 65% of Fortune 500 companies match donations from employees to a wide variety of nonprofits?

Double the Donation’s team has analyzed and ranked the top matching gift programs in the world. Although corporations don’t always release specific figures, top contributors include Microsoft (more than $48 million annually) and GE (more than $37 million annually).

Takeaway: Millions of individuals work for companies that will match their donations.

Marketing Matching Gifts is Essential

Lack of awareness and lack of know-how are the top two reasons eligible donors don’t submit matching gifts. Nonprofits who promote matching gifts to their donors are the ones who see the greatest matching gift success.

Suggested places to feature matching gifts include:

  • On donation forms
  • On a dedicated matching gift page
  • Across social media
  • In emails
  • Across your fundraising communications

Takeaway: Encouraging donors to submit their matching gifts is the key to raising more in matching gift funds.


Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Service

Double the Donation provides comprehensive and up-to-date matching gift profiles for companies across the US, Canada, and UK. All of our matching gift information is centralized in one easy-to-use tool that you can place on your website and incorporate into various donor software.

Double the Donation matching gift company profiles provide:

Minimum and maximum match amounts
Employee eligibility
Links to electronic guidelines and forms
Company specific match instructions
And more!

Takeaway: This tool is designed to help nonprofits bring in more matching gift funds.

Thanks to Adam Weinger for his expert advice!

Adam Weinger is one of the leading experts on corporate giving programs. He’s the president of Double the Donation, a company which helps organizations raise more money from employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs.