Streamline Your NPO Event Management with Auctria’s Ticketing Platform

Published on 28 Feb 2024 by Auctria

Feeling a little green at the thought of managing your ticket sales for your next event? General ticketing websites won’t meet your unique needs for a fundraising event.

Never fear! Auctria can help you manage admission tickets for your gala or event fundraiser. Let’s run down the perks of using a specialized ticketing platform that integrates to your website, streamlining the process and making you look good to your donors - that way the only green you’ll be seeing is the green of ticket sales and donations.

If you sell tickets on Auctria, your guests are automatically pre-registered for the event fundraiser and auction. No need to do two separate sign-ups. Streamline the process to make a great experience for the guests and make you look good.

You’ll be able to run a smooth guest experience, make check-in and check-out easy, and even handle transferring tickets without a fuss. Auctria can help with your ticketing needs for you!

Why use a specialized ticketing platform?

Using a specialized ticketing platform that’s customized for non-profit organizations and their events comes with a host of benefits! You deserve a platform that’s built to benefit you and your unique needs as you interface with donors and organize your event. With a specialized platform like ours, you can choose between ticket types, including selling tickets by individual or by table for larger groups. You can even build custom combos like Early Bird deals, coupon codes, or last-minute discounts to encourage hesitant guests to attend! Use your ticketing platform to sell and track your sponsorships as well, streamlining yet another part of your event planning.

A ticketing platform that is built for non profits for event fundraising will:

  1. Sell tickets on a specialized event website
  2. Tickets are the first impression, wow them
  3. Sponsorship, VIP & Full TableTicket Sales
  4. Streamline data collection for all downstream activity and fundraising
  5. Have a guest portal to move manage tickets

Our powerful, streamlined system makes it easy for you to customize your ticket options to your needs so that you don’t waste precious hours fighting with clunky, outdated platforms that aren’t designed to benefit your NPO events. Plus, guests will receive relevant and important emails and text notifications with their tickets included, even allowing them to add their tickets to their Apple or Google Wallets on their phones!

1. Sell tickets on a specialized event website.

We’ve already explored why having a strong event website is important. Once you’ve invested all that time in your event website, you should make the most of it! Adding your ticketing platform to your website brings maximum impact! By selling tickets on your event website, you’ll be funneling your potential attendees, donors, and sponsors to the same place you already want their attention to be. Your donors attention is limited: streamline the information sharing and ticket purchasing process to keep them focused on your organization, mission, and event.

When you push people to a single website, they’ll stay focused on the actual goals of the event: raising awareness and funds for your organization.

This also creates an opportunity for you to emphasize the impact of your organization and the ways you use funds to create positive change! The more your potential attendees understand the impact of the event, the more likely they are to buy a ticket (or potentially even upgrade to a VIP package or invite additional friends and family to attend). Plus, you can add photos of previous year’s events to show off how much fun attendees have as an extra way to encourage them to buy a ticket!

An event website that showcases tickets & the event. When selling tickets is much more than just a transaction. You are selling tickets to an event that is fundraising for your amazing cause. At the point of sale, make an impact! This is a perfect opportunity to show off where the funds will be going and how the ticket sale will make a difference in the community.

A ticket sales page deserves a beautiful website that:

  • Shows your why
  • Sells tickets
  • Sells sponsorships
  • Recognizes sponsors

The event website tells the story of your organization, and why you are running a fundraising event.

2. Tickets are the first impression, wow them

You have one chance to make a first impression. Wow your ticket buyers with an amazing fit impression. Look good now and later. Using a great ticket platform for the sale is just the first part. One that streamlines everything that happens AFTER the purchase is just crucial as the initial sale. Thinking a few steps ahead will make for a smooth participants to retrieve their information at a later date. Keep track of the details. As for you as the event producer, you’ll be able to continue to communicate with the guest before and during the event with critical and timely news such as: maps, location, parking,

3. Sponsorships, VIP & Full Table Ticket Sales

Much of your event revenue comes from sponsorships. Sponsorships of varying levels may include tickets or even a whole table. Selling full tables is a major income booster, the sooner sponsorships are sold the more money in cash flow to help cover pre-event expenses. Sponsorship levels vary in name and increase in value for a return on investment.

Consider selling VIP tickets. These could be tickets at a special table, tickets that come paired with an upgraded wine or dessert, or tickets that allow the VIPs to meet special guests that could be attending your event. Donors love being treated as special, so giving them a VIP experience for a higher ticket price is a great way to add value to their attendance. Being able to customize and sell upgraded VIP tickets can increase your profit margins and help your guests feel extra-special when they give additional support to your event.

4. Streamline data collection, check-in, check-out, and bidding.

You want to give your guests the best experience possible. Streamlining their experience is one of the best ways to impress them with your event organization skills! This is why we emphasize building a strong event website: it’s the easiest place to direct your guests so that everything they need is in one place, including their ticket information. You don’t have to just sell tickets on your event website; you can track ticketing data and handle your attendees check-in, check-out, and bidding on the site as well!

You can track ticket inventory to easily determine when you’re nearing capacity for your event and give a final push for ticket sales when inventory is low. Scarcity messaging can be very effective in giving potential attendees a final reminder to buy their ticket, so track your sales and post on your social media and website when you’re close to selling out. Having ticket data at your fingertips will also be helpful for future years; knowing how many tickets you sell each year will help you plan future events, choose venue sizes, and more.

If you use an outside ticket platform, your attendees will have to handle their registration and check-in separately. With Auctria, you can consolidate all their info in one place, making things easier for you AND for them! Plus, you won’t have to share any data with outside companies, keeping all the data and information about your attendees on your own site for better privacy and security. This also allows you to collect any custom data you may need from your guests; i.e. dietary restrictions or meal choices if you’re serving food.

If you’re holding an auction, we ensure that ticket holders are automatically registered for the auction, making it even easier for them to bid on the items they want in order to maximize participation. Then, make payment and check-out easy by keeping everything in one spot, ensuring all the funds you raise are collected swiftly at the end of the event.

5. Guest Ticket Portal

Event fundraisers want and need to sell sponsorships, tables & VIP tables. When doing so these participants may be buying tickets on behalf of themselves, a business sponsor or a table captain. That information may not be available at the time the sponsorship is purchased and that’s OK! With a ticket portal tickets can be managed, and assign the tickets to another person at a later date and time. With a portal participants can update meal choices and update their profile to add a credit card for future purchases and donations.

Be Aware of Free Ticketing Platforms

Free is never free. Those that market free, are they turning around and asking your donors for tips or money to cover their fees? And at what percentage? You never know how much your donors are paying to free ticketing platforms. Taking money from your donors to put in their pockets.

Tickets for all your events

You’re not just trying to throw a gala or party - you’re trying to drive change in your community through support for your organization and its mission.

It's not JUST for galas or auctions. Use tickets for ANY ticketed event.

Ready to start selling tickets to your next event?

Auctria’s ticket features empower event organizers to effortlessly manage ticket sales, optimize guest attendance and participation, and enhance the event experience. With this powerful tool, you can elevate your event and make organizing and managing everything a piece of cake! If you want to learn more about what Auctria can do for you, check out our Case Studies or attend a Webinar Demo to take the next step towards better NPO event management today.