ALL Philanthropic Groups LISTEN UP!

Published on 21 Jun 2017 by Auctria

ALL Philanthropic Groups LISTEN UP!!


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Social Media Optimization

Is your organization wasting time and effort trying to get your message out through social media channels? Often the challenge is knowing which social sites are best for non-profit organizations and how often you should be pushing content. Philanthropic groups mostly use volunteers to help them publish their messaging, with very little oversight for content or strategy, and often there isn’t analytics to support a campaigns’ effectiveness.

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Engaging Content

Back in the early 1900’s John Wanamaker – Considered to be a pioneer in marketing, once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted: The trouble is I don’t know which half”. That statement has never been truer than in today’s marketing climate. There are so many marketing channels and ways to engage with your audience. The biggest challenge is to be everywhere all the time, bringing relevant content and responding to changing market conditions. Organizations large and small are finding it difficult to manage and respond to this demand for content.

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Strategy for Social Media

Barton Wood – President at Firefly Creative, Inc., and Atlanta based marketing firm, says: “We’re constantly asked by our clients, if there’s a need for a social presence if we already have a website?” The response is a resounding “YES”. Sometimes it’s hard to justify the time and effort needed to create content and respond to online posts, but more and more people are using the web to validate, rate and review organizations through social sites.

Firefly recently launched its own online social marketing portal that is designed to address some of the challenges associated with pushing social content. Some of the basic features include:

  • Scheduling: Allowing you to push social content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest simultaneously at the click of a button, or scheduled releases. You can also repeat popular posts over time to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Content Banners: Allow you to include marketing banners on linked content. This feature embeds your marketing message when viewers click a link or RSS feed that navigates then away from your social site.
  • Reputation Monitoring: Get alerts from Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare and Google Places when someone posts a comment about your organization so you can promptly respond.
  • Deals and Sweepstakes: Boost likes and reward customers for visiting your social sites. Coupon feature also allows for printable coupons.
  • Online Donating: Allow customers to donate online and pay through your social site.
  • Email Integration: Collect subscriber information and auto populate your contact lists in Constant Contact or Mailchimp.
  • Performance Analytics: Track social follower, likes and shares. Validate your efforts with real-time printable reports.

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Get Personal

How is this service different from others social management tools available online?

  • Personalized Social Media Assessment of your online presence
  • One on One training and support
  • Dedicated social expert available to answer questions
  • 1-hour of content creation every month (Basic Package) to help design and build assets needed for your posts. (2-hours include with the Standard Package and 3-hours with the Premier Package, each month)
  • Video tutorials embedded within every feature in the system, to walk you through setup and best practices for your social postings.
  • No posting or contributor limits for your account.

In conclusion, this interface is very easy to learn and use, with feature specific supported help videos. Post and manage multiple social sites all from one login portal. Overall this is a well thought-out management tool that has the back-end support that you don’t see with most online self-serve social management tools. So many non-profit groups are volunteer supported and a tool like this can make their social messaging time more efficient. The easy of use a makes it easy to get up to speed quickly for new recruits in a high turnover organization with limited resources.

Thanks to Firefly Creative Guy. for elevating the social media knowledge.

Firefly Creative Inc. - Barton Wood, President has provided this article content.

He has also generously offered all Auctria users a free social media assessment on all your online efforts. This assessment reviews your social sites as well as your website to see how you online efforts are working to attract new prospects. The more you know, the better you can prepare an online strategy to boost your social effectiveness.