Promoting Your AUCTION is a Snap!

Published on 30 Sep 2016 by Auctria

Promoting Your Auction Is a Snap!

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage customers on a personal level. Marketers are always looking for newer, more creative ways to promote and build their brand.

Recent changes to Snapchat has given innovative companies the opportunity to catch a new wave. Though Snapchat has been around for several years, it now has more active users than Twitter. This has marketers looking for creative ways to leverage this up and coming technology.

Snapchat facts:

  • Snapchat photos are viewed up to a million times per day
  • More people view Snapchat' Videos than Facebook videos
  • 60% Of All Smartphone use the Snapchat app
  • 7 Out Of 10 Snapchatters are Millennials
  • Snapchat now has more users than Twitter
  • 60% Of all Snappers are between 18 and 34

Geo-Filters are for your fundraising event!

Geo-filters are not a new feature for Snapchat, but the ability for companies or individuals to customize and broadcast is. The technology has developed in a way to allow geographically broadcasting of custom photo filters to an area as small as 100 square feet for a predetermined date and time. So, what are Geo-filters and how can they be used? Geo-Filters are image embellishments that can be added to pictures. App users have the option to add predesigned templates to images before they share.


Custom Geo-filters broadcast your event

What are some of the advantages of the app technology? It allows for a personal one-to-one conversation with a user and their audience. Pictures can be shared for a one-time view or placed in a story timeline for up to 24-hours. Promotional Geo-filters must be pre-approved by Snapchat before inclusion in the app, but are usually available for use within 24 hours. Custom photo filter can be broadcasted to a specific geographical location on a predetermined date and time. There aren’t any limits to the number of Geo-filters that can be broadcast.


Fun & creative promotion

So, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to promote your brand and engage guests at your next event, you might want to consider using Snapchat Geo-filters.

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Firefly Creative Inc.

Firefly Creative Inc. - Barton Wood, President has provided this article content.

Barton has been developing Snapchat Geo-filters for his clients in various industries. “These types of filters are ideal ways to promote at special events,’s just gives,” Says Wood. The key is to design filters that are fun and engaging. This is the “IT” way to increase engagement and branding for your event or charity, especially if you are trying to reach the millennials just gives promoters another way to connect with their attendees in a uniquely different way.