Set Up Your San Diego Gives Fundraising Page in 3 Easy Steps with Auctria

Published on 24 May 2024 by Auctria

Set Up Your San Diego Gives Fundraising Page in 3 Easy Steps with Auctria

San Diego Gives is more than just a fundraising campaign; it’s a testament to the collective spirit of San Diegans coming together to make a difference in their community. Are you planning on joining the movement this year? Welcome! Auctria is your preferred technology partner: we’re here to help you get your fundraising page set up with everything you need to shine in just 3 easy steps.

San Diego Gives provides an opportunity for everyone to give back to the nonprofits that give so much to the San Diego community. Join San Diego Gives and Auctria in becoming philanthropists in action, as we highlight the power of giving and the impact it has on San Diego. Together, let’s show the world what a philanthropist looks like!

Here’s the basics:

When: Thursday, September 5th 2024
Where: San Diego
What: to highlight the power of giving back to our community!
How: any charity can successfully participate in San Diego Gives with a bit of planning and promotion

Once you’ve decided to participate, it’s time to use to Auctria make your donation page! It only takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up with Auctria
  2. Head to your Auction Dashboard and click --> Organization --> “San Diego Gives”.
  3. Click “Create Event” and Auctria will create a San Diego Gives event pre-configured to accept donations along with a themed website.

Now you’re ready to customize your website address and website to best showcase your organization and cause!

This pre-built website will help you run your San Diego Gives event smoothly, easily track donations, and share information with donors and other supporters.

Our websites also make the donation collection process seamless due to our credit card integration, so there’s no need to stress about collecting payment. You’ll be able to send a receipt to each donor after payment and you can send a thank you note after the event is complete, as well. Following up after the day is complete is a great way to update donors on the total amount raised to thank them for their contribution and helps you build a rapport with your donors so they’re more likely to continue to support your cause in the future!

Prep for San Diego Gives doesn’t end with building your website

In fact, the work has only just begun! Leading up to your event, you should be promoting your participation in San Diego Gives on social and your main website. Send email updates regularly to help build excitement as you and your team gear up for the big day.

Make sure to tell your organization’s story often to remind both new and existing supporters why they should care about the work you do. Leverage social media, email, and any other communication type to showcase the work your charity does, the impact you’ve made on the community, and the goals you have for funds raised during San Diego Gives. This is also why we recommend customizing your event website. Even just a little extra time spent customizing your event website will help communicate your cause more effectively. The more you share leading up to the event, the more excitement you’ll build for the big day!

As you encourage your existing supporters to show up on the day of San Diego Gives, be sure to do some outreach work to find new supporters. Gaining new supporters leading up to the event will help ensure that you not only meet but exceed your fundraising goals! Similar to Giving Tuesday, new supporters can be encouraged by the community aspect of the event to give for the first time (or give more than they planned to).

This outreach can also help put your charity in front of the many businesses in San Diego that choose to support and participate in San Diego Gives! Businesses in the region can become corporate sponsors or partners, working with the many organizations that participate so they can engage with a diverse audience, demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and make an impact on the community. If you’re proactive about your outreach and storytelling, you might catch the attention of one of our local businesses - which could be the beginning of a partnership that extends beyond just San Diego Gives.

Capitalize on this moment of community engagement

Bring new people to your cause - and keep them engaged so they stick around after and become long-term supporters for your organization!

San Diego Gives is a powerful moment of collective community outreach, as we work together to make San Diego the best city it can be. With a little thoughtful prep work, you can maximize the impact San Diego Gives has on your fundraising so that you can do more for the city and its residents. With Auctria’s help building your website, all the complicated details around sharing event information, collecting donations, and sending receipts is taken care of.

Whether you're a small organization making a big difference or a larger institution with a wide reach, your participation is crucial in shaping the San Diego community's future. As we countdown to September 5th, remember to invest time into your social media and other communication avenues. Tell your story over and over so everyone knows why it’s important to show up on September 5th. Together, we can make a profound impact on the San Diego region!