SEO: The Online Auctioneer’s Most Valuable Tool

Published on 3 Apr 2022 by Auctria

SEO: The Auctioneer’s Most Valuable Online Marketing Tool

Promoting an online auction involves all the tools and tactics that digital marketers use for all of their internet marketing: social media, email marketing, website management, blogs and content management, and of course search engine optimization (SEO). If you are promoting an online auction, you need to ensure that your marketing materials are optimized to rank as high as possible on search pages.

How Does SEO Drive Results For Auctioneers?

The internet is ridiculously huge - there are millions of active web pages and billions of inactive ones. Only a small fraction of those pages are visible to Google, and only a small number of those appear on the first page of search results. How do you get your pages into those top results? SEO is a marketing strategy that aims to make your website and pages rank as high as possible in search engine results pages (SERPs). When auctioneers opt to use SEO tactics, they will push their websites up in the rankings, sending more traffic to their sites, and thus, more bidders. Tactics used in SEO strategies include internal linking, content creation and optimization, keyword research, page speed optimization, and more. The higher your SERP rankings, the more exposure and website visits you are likely to get from qualified bidders.

SEO Generates Quality Traffic and Builds Trust

SEO works for auctions for much the same reasons as it does for other forms of online sales. It builds a steady, sustainable flow of quality traffic to your website, including qualified bidders. Your goal is to attract as many of these as possible. With good SEO, your online visibility grows, enabling more bidders to find you more easily. It may take a bit of time for your website to move up the rankings, but once they get there, it is relatively easy to keep them there with a focused strategy.

SEO can also help you increase your social media following, and newsletter subscribers, meaning that it increases the efficacy of your marketing tactics across the board. An increase in followers and bidders makes your business appear much more legitimate on the web, and builds trust for new visitors.

Content Writing & Blog Management

Perhaps the most important part of effective SEO is the creation and management of good content across all your web pages, including well-written and informative blogs. Aside from offering readers valuable information, your blogs and other content should contain relatively high densities of keywords to ensure that they rank in Google searches for those keywords. All content strategies, therefore, begin with keyword research, making SEO the foundation of online marketing content writing.

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