Live Auction Fundraising Frenzy: 11 Innovative Ideas for Big Bids

Published on 20 Jun 2024 by Auctria

Running a live auction can be a daunting task, but with a certified benefit auctioneer, the stress melts away, and fundraising becomes a breeze.

When it comes to fundraising events, a live auction can be the highlight that drives the most excitement and the biggest contributions. But the key to a successful auction isn’t just in the items you offer; it’s in how you present them and the unique experiences you create. That’s where a certified benefit auctioneer come in. By reducing stress and providing high-value auction lots, event staffing, and vendor partnerships, FSA Auctions ensures that your event runs smoothly and exceeds its fundraising goals.

Ready to elevate your auction game?

Here are ten innovative ideas guaranteed to spark big bids and make your event unforgettable.

#1 Golden State Warriors Game Suite?

Think Bigger! Imagine receiving a suite to a Golden State Warriors game. Awesome, right? Now, picture this: you've built a relationship with the donor and pitched a wild idea far in advance. How about 20 kids playing a pickup game with Stephen Curry in your backyard for the afternoon? Throw in a margarita machine for the adults and a catered BBQ for 50 guests. That's beyond priceless! Market it well ahead of time, and it could be your highest-grossing auction lot ever!

#2 Vegas Weekend with a Racing Experience?

Let’s Amp It Up! Secured a weekend in Vegas with a sports car racing experience? Fun, but let's brainstorm with the board and key supporters. What if we offer a private jet for 12 guests to fly to Vegas, stay the weekend, race, and then fly back home in style? Now that’s an adrenaline rush! We sold this package for a whopping $27,000!

#3 Date Nights for a Year?

Let’s Go All Out! Date nights for a year are always a hit. But what if we up the ante to “TLC for Your Car, House, and Spouse for a Year”? We secure unlimited car washes, home/office cleaning services, and date nights for a year. Valued at $4,000, we sold this package for $10,000!

#4 Foursome at a Private Golf Course?

Add a Twist! A foursome at a private golf course is cool. Now, what if we include our emcee, a local celebrity and golf enthusiast? The original value was $500, but with the emcee joining, we sold it for $2,500!

#5 Private Island Experience?

A Dream Come True! Five days and four nights on your own private island for 10 guests, complete with a private chef, wait staff, and massages included. This insane package was sold for $100,000 by FSA Auctions!

#6 VIP High School Graduation Seats?

Yes, Please! Front row seats to a high school graduation with VIP service. FSA Auctions sold this twice for $8,500 each!

#7 Authentic Spanish Paella Party?

Ole! After some brainstorming, someone remembered a well-known donor who made amazing Paella. We asked her to host a Paella party in the winning bidder’s home with Spanish wine pairings. This delightful experience sold four times for $2,500 each!

#8 Out-of-the-Shoe Box Thinking?

A Foot Forward! We discovered an alum who owned a popular shoe store in LA, frequented by athletes. We packaged two nights at a hotel with airfare, a $500 shoe store credit, and a tour on entrepreneurship with the owner. With effective marketing, we sold this twice for $7,500 each!

#9 Whiskey Tasting?

Spur-of-the-Moment Success! Faced with a shortage of auction items, FSA Auctions struck up a conversation with a well-known guest. On the spot, we sold a whiskey tasting in this person’s home for $2,750!

#10 Food Trucks?

A Crowd Pleaser! Food trucks are a massive hit! FSA Auctions sold a food truck for 100 guests for four hours, twice, at $6,000 each!

#11 Beneficiary’s Painting?

Heartwarming Success!
A painting by one of our beneficiaries was our first auction lot. The young girl, who faced health challenges, shared her story, and in minutes, we sold the painting for over $12,000!

Let these examples spark your creativity! The combination of unique, high-value auction lots, professional auctioneering, and comprehensive support services ensures that your event will not only meet but exceed its fundraising goals.

Leveraging the expertise of a professional auctioneer and the services of FSA Auctions can elevate your event to new heights.

Special thanks to Freddie Silveria for the expert advice on live auction fundraising. Freddie is FSA Auctions, owner Freddie Silveria has helped nonprofits, schools and charity organizations across the country fundraise over $50 million dollars at their fundraising galas and events.

The FSA Advantage: Reducing Stress and Maximizing Success
Hiring a certified benefit auctioneer from FSA Auctions significantly reduces the stress of running a live auction. Our professional auctioneers bring expertise, charisma, and efficiency, ensuring your event runs smoothly and exceeds fundraising goals.

But that's not all. FSA provides auction lot trips and experiences, making it easy for you to offer unique and high-value items. We also offer event staffing, resources, and connections to trusted vendor partners, so every aspect of your event is covered.

FSA Auctions has partnered on over 400 events for partners like: American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, Court Appointed Special Advocates, De La Salle High School Concord, Food Banks, Girls Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House Charities, SPCA’s, United Way and more. Freddie Silveria is the only auctioneer in the state of California to earn the most prestigious 3 year Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation from the National Auction Association (NAA) at Indiana University. Freddie is also 1 of 14 CA auctioneers to earn the Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation. He is an Association of Fundraising Professionals board member, rotarian and graduate from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Iowa. He was recently named Sacramento’s 40 under 40.

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