How to win at virtual fundraising

Published on 1 Dec 2021 by Auctria

How to make the most out of your virtual fundraising

With restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit organizations have taken to virtual fundraising events to further their cause and stay connected to donors and stakeholders. Auctria, providers of powerful fundraising software, explains how to get the most out of your virtual fundraising event. Read on to find out more.

Content is the key

As your event is completely online, you need to focus on producing the most engaging content to attract stakeholders and donors. It is recommended to conduct fun brainstorming sessions with your team to find the right digital marketing strategy that can hold the attention of your audience. First impressions are highly important and giving your fundraising event a catchy title is key. Another great tool to attract more donors is inviting an influential person from the industry to provide a keynote address that interests your donor base.

It is also critical to develop an engaging and informative presentation or video that is factual, statistical as well as heart-warming to make donors realize the importance of donating to your cause.

During the event, you can also organize fun competitions such as quizzes to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun. This will ensure donors stay online and enjoy your virtual fundraising event more.

Choose an event ticketing platform

Using an effective virtual fundraising software such as Auctria to manage the registration and donation processes is critical. Auctria’s software can be used to register attendees, sell tickets and offer a secure payment portal for donations. It is highly important that your donors feel comfortable making payments for your virtual fundraising event and choosing a reputed software or platform to do so is key.

Practice your virtual fundraising event

A great tip to host a successful virtual fundraising event is to practice it beforehand a few times. This is especially important if you are live streaming the event and want to avoid embarrassing hitches on D-day. Test your video streaming platform a few times in the days leading up to your event. This is also good practice if you are nervous about facing a camera as it allows you to feel more at ease. You can also check how your backdrop and other surroundings look on camera so nothing looks jarring or out of place.

Online promotions

As mentioned previously, engaging donors and stakeholders are critical when it comes to hosting a successful virtual fundraising event. If no one knows about your event, how can it be successful? Auctria recommends following a two-pronged approach to get the news out:

  1. Internal: Have a meeting with your staff, volunteers and stakeholders about the virtual fundraising event. This ensures every person working for your organization is on the same page and can help with reaching a broader audience.
  2. External: Once you have communicated the details and goals of the event to your team, you can begin approaching donors to invite them to participate.

Online marketing and promotions are also an excellent avenue to raise awareness and attract a broader audience. Use your website or blog to interest potential attendees through well-formulated landing pages, upbeat posts and articles, banner ads and registration widgets. Another great method to let people know about your virtual fundraising event is using an effective email campaign. Other tools to promote your event include GoogleAds and popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thus, harnessing the power of social media and online marketing campaigns can ensure the success of your virtual fundraising event. For more information on how Auctria can help, contact us today.