Get Your Entire Group Organized

Published on 2 Jan 2017 by Auctria

Happy New Year!

Time to shake things up and get your PTA or PTO organized.

Are volunteers waning?

You’ve made it half way through the school year and your volunteers are waning. The same handful of people has been carrying your organization through each event and fundraiser and Christmas break couldn’t come fast enough.


Now that the new year has begun, your recharged group is ready to tackle the next event, but how long will that energy level remain before you are just looking to bring another school year to its close? Does any of this sound familiar? Even if you have a “successful” PTA/PTO, maintaining that status can be exhausting.

You’re not alone.

Know that most PTA/PTOs struggle with growing and maintaining their volunteer base. Each school year starts out strong, but halfway through the numbers drop. Knowing this is the inevitable pattern, perhaps its time to find a way to use your time more wisely so that the volunteers you do have don’t get burnt out so quickly. Most likely, the members of your small, but committed core team are each doing several different jobs, going in 100 different directions at any given time. (And that’s not to mention all of the hats they are wearing outside of their PTA commitment).


It’s time to shake things up and make some changes that will help set your PTA on a truly successful path.


Get Organized

Your first step is to GET ORGANIZED. With a MyVLink website your team will have a single place to store all flyers and documents year after year, communicate with parents/volunteers, schedule volunteers, track inventory, advertise upcoming events, post volunteer opportunities, and collect volunteer hours.

Eliminate Busy Work

Next, ELIMINATE BUSY WORK and free up some time so you can concentrate on more important tasks. Liberate your Treasurer and do away with checks and order forms, bank deposits, and tracking down bad debt (bounced checks). Rid your Volunteer Coordinator of signup sheets and reminder calls. Free your Membership Coordinator of compiling member data. Instead, make way for online shopping and volunteering (including automated reminders), electronic deposits, automated newsletters and membership submission.

Build and better website

MyVLink has created a website builder so easy to maintain that anyone can do it. Even the “technically challenged” and the “imagination benchwarmers” will feel like superstars! And, your parents will love you for no longer needing to rely on their student to keep them in the loop or to make sure their money made it in with their order. Parents will be able to volunteer for specific tasks from the comfort of their home or on the go with their cell-phone.

multi task woman.jpg is a comprehensive website solution that can help you put the pencils down

It’s time to put your pencils down and join the online revolution. Change can be scary, but has made it as easy as possible. Don’t delay. Make this year’s resolution one that is simple to keep. Sign up for the MyVLink website builder to end the crazy in your life. Well, at least, in your PTA!


Thanks to guest blogger Gretchen from VLink for her expert advice!

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