Auctria Summer Update

Published on 12 Aug 2020 by Auctria

Auctria has always been hyper-focused on making event fundraising easy. An extension of this philosophy can be seen in our new plans with increased features to optimize the event fundraiser and carry through the donation tools for year-round use.

Recent new features to optimize your fundraising efforts include:

  • Fully Updated Auctria Mobile Application
  • Online Bidding Enhancements
  • Improved Supporter Recognition
  • Virtual Live Productions

Outlined below are more details of the features and some examples of how to use these in your fundraiser.

Auctria Mobile Application

The Auctria mobile bidding application has been upgraded. Available now for both Apple iOS and Android, the app is an exact match to your auction website online and also includes QR code features for in-person events.

For convenience, bidders can download the mobile app for even faster bidding, notifications, and checkout. The mobile app is not required for bidders, but is another option to interact with your event.

Online Bidding Enhancements

Each Auctria event includes a dedicated website with many elements that can be used out-of-the-box and styled to match your brand with images and videos. New website elements have been added to further bring your mission's message to life.

Video and resource links can be attached to a single item. You can add multiple links here and they will show up on the item details page on the website (and now in the mobile app!). It is especially helpful if you are doing team/competition/peer fundraising. Add a quick motivational video to enhance the excitement and encourage a personal connection.

Attach a video link to an auction item for a special impact. Auctioning off a unique experience, keepsake or priceless item? If a picture is a thousand words video can tell an even stronger story to garner more bidders that should translate to higher bids.

Bid History The full bidding history can now be shown with an item, so people can see how many times the item has been bid on. Bidding history will be anonymous by default.

Supporter Recognition

Acknowledge Bidders You can now acknowledge bidders that have donated in a donor catalog element.

Donation History Donation history can now be displayed publicly with a donation item to acknowledge those that give.

A Leaderboard is now available for the website to showcase bids and donations in real-time. Donations beget donations, a little extra peer pressure is always helpful!

Mailing list opt-in Set up your registration form to include a notification box to join your mailing list or newsletter. By obtaining permission to join your mailing list you can now increase your message reach. Fresh and new supporters are more apt to volunteer and share your mission message.

Virtual Live Productions

Virtual events bring a meaningful event to supporters while adhering to safety guidelines. Auctria's fundraising features can be paired alongside your live stream for a virtual live fundraiser.

Live Auction Controller allows you to conduct a live auction and paddle raise right on the bidder's phone while they are watching a live event.

Video Production Pages can be built with the event website using features designed for use with compositing software. When producing the live stream the event director may choose to use these pages to incorporate a leaderboard, or fundraising thermometer directly in the stream.

Video Pop-up panel is a nice pairing with the virtual event enhancement. Use the pop-up for the live stream to make it easy for supporters to find everything on one page. The video-pop is most practical for viewers on a large screen like a desktop or laptop.

Auctria Experience

Based upon the Spring and Summer events that did go on, we at Auctria expect the Fall and Winter fundraising season to surpass expectations. Your cause will need funding to continue the humanitarian work. An online auction, event fundraiser, or virtual live auction gives you the vehicle to advance those efforts. Give supporters, sponsors donors, and bidders an opportunity to give.

You are never alone! Auctria regularly conducts webinars, roundtables, and demonstrations. Please join us for an upcoming event or view the playbacks.

  • Webinars are focused on a single subject or Auctria usage
  • Roundtables are conducted as FB Live sessions with industry experts fielding questions live from the audience
  • Demonstrations of the Auctria platform have open question and answer sessions with a support specialist
  • Join our Facebook group Auction Team Talk to join the conversation with other auction teams and industry experts

Expanded Customer Service Options

For those that want expanded customer service options, we are launching this month Auctria Launch and Auctria Assist.

  • Auctria Launch provides an assisted set up for your event and ensure it runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.
  • Auctria Assist lets you schedule a session with an Auctria specialist for more in-depth personalized consultation or training for you and your auction team.