Auctria: The Streamlined Power Auction Engine & Tools

Published on 20 Feb 2016 by Auctria

Auctria: The Streamlined & Organized Auction Engine

Take your auction to new heights.

Auctria is an easy to use, but powerful web application for running silent, live or online fundraising auctions.

Auctria is THE auction engine that transforms an ordinary auction into a power auction.

Auctria Organizes

Auctria is the complete organized solution to full integration from start to finish. Track the entire procurement process from donor, to items, to auction offering. Record the entire bid process from bidder registration to bidding to close out. All the tools to run the auction streamlined and organized.

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All printed materials can be managed and printed in an organized fashion:

  • website
  • bid sheets
  • display pages
  • gift certificates
  • basket items can easily organized and tracked

Other fun features that you may not realize you want but may need later to maintain the auction effortlessly:

  • import and export excel data you can do
  • sales tax can easily easily be organized and tracked
  • kiosk mode is the click of a button and creates a slide-show of the auction catalog

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  • Auctria is accessible from any internet connection with multiple users
  • Auction teams change yet Auctria does not therefore historical data is available
  • teaming is breeze because data input is always live and secure
  • maintain current and accurate databases that are built by your team with your data
  • streamline procurement and marketing by utilizing past donor and bidder data


  • Auctria allows the team to load data seamlessly in one centralized location
  • Auctria becomes the home base to maintain all data
  • Auctria is the work engine to help the group works smart
  • register bidders, record bids, purchases, donations in a fully integrated smooth application
  • save time using the built in templates for custom reports, print-outs,
  • save time using the built in templates or create group specific stationery for letters
  • customizing reports and print-outs can be done in just a few steps


  • Auctria summarizes the live and current data in an easy to read dashboard report to readily monitor critical details
  • Auctria dashboard keeps a live count-down clock running
  • live data allows the user to review:
  • items donated numerically and by retail value
  • donor donations
  • in-progress bids and sales
  • closed bids and sales
  • bidders registered in quantity and dollar collections


Auctria makes collecting funds neat & simple. Process credit cards safely with easy setup and support for card readers
Bidders load credit card information once then can make purchases tickets, donations and make bids


Auctria handles the details. If you choose, one button closes the entire auction and auto collects from bidders the final winning bids. Auction close-out simultaneously emails out winning bidder notifications and collects the funds when the auction closes with a fully integrated credit card function

  • Easily follow-up with bidder receipts using the standard format or customize ahead for the charity
  • Easily create and print or distribute donor thank you letters
  • Easily create and print or distribute bidder notices
  • Easily view and run reports immediately after the auction closes


Auctria elegantly maintains consistency throughout the event. 'Brand’ the auction website and all communications with the group's logo and marketing message.

  • Auctria has done all the work formatting bids sheets, bid book, display pages & gift certificates
  • Auctria is flexible and allows for customized stationery to maintain the look and details the fundraiser requires


Auctria is the supreme program for ease of use for both the fundraising team as well as the bidder and donor. The entire infrastructure was built to run all types of auctions with ease of a professional looking and working event

  • Auctria has consistent format throughout the platform so adding a donor, bidder or auction item is organized seamlessly
  • Customization can be done easily by the user to give the auction the identity and personality of the charity

Auctria is straightforward and makes for a smooth event, here are some case studies for inspiration