Auctria’s Concierge Announcement

Published on 8 May 2020 by Auctria

Auctria’s Concierge Launches

Auctria Concierge is now available to take make your auction fundraiser set-up even easier. Pairing your Auctria license with Concierge service is like hitting the turbo boost button!

Pairing the Auctria license with Concierge service the entire fundraiser is elevated. Every Concierge plan includes a Discovery Call. During this call will be an opportunity for us to understand in detail the type of event you are running and provide more information about how to best utilize Auctria to maximize your fundraising. Additional calls are dependent upon your Concierge package selection.

Auctria’s Concierge takes the event set-up work off your to-do list. Our dedicated Auctria Concierge team will put together the fundraising event on the Auctria platform so you get more free time.

  • more free time to garner sponsorships
  • more free time to solicit donations
  • more free time to promote your event
  • more free time to do as you wish

Auctria’s product has evolved and expanded in many ways throughout the years that there are many features that auction teams overlook, or are unsure how to optimize. Features that are can boost your auction income within the same event fundraiser. We know that the auction fundraiser is just one part of your annual fundraising strategy.

Let an Auctria Concierge escort you through the set-up process to ensure each “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.

Concierge shortens the timeline to activate your event and help you crush your fundraising goals.