Auctria 2020: Your NEW Event Fundraising Auction Website & Editor

Published on 3 Jan 2020 by Auctria

2020 brings a fresh new look to both Auctria and YOUR auction website. To match the new website a new editor tool has been built to ease in utilization. Bonus- the new editor tool has also been rolled out to edit emails. This will core editor will unify the tools across the Auctria platform. Please take a few minutes to review:

  • Short video demonstration & brief synopsis of the enhancements
  • Auctria user guide links
  • website updates
  • Full webinar will be forthcoming, keep an eye on your emails for dates

Your NEW Auction Website

Any NEW auctions created after 7/1/2020 will be utilizing the Auctria 2020 website templates and editor.

For existing events you can opt into the new website features via the Website page off the dashboard.

The NEW auction website will transform your auction pages with dazzling images, ability to use video and rich content.

  • Modern look and function with dynamic view
  • Updated themes
  • Video & video backgrounds
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Donation buttons
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Items cards
  • About us cards
  • Google analytics

Core Editor for Website & Emails

The core editor for the new website has also been deployed for use with the email editor. The new email editor is intended to be intuitive and straightforward in three steps: drag, drop & edit. These building blocks make it possible to build sophisticated looking emails that will display well on all modern screens, tablets, mobile devices & email clients.

Each section of website or email is made up of the following pieces:

  • A series of sections
  • Each section has one or more rows
  • Each row has one or more columns
  • Each column contains a series of content elements (text, images, button) that will be stacked vertically.

New Website Examples

Here are few auctions that utilized the 2020 auction website format.
White Christmas
Scramble for Sight
Drew & Ellie

Auctria Main Website

The main Auctria website has been updated to make it easy to find and use all the Auctria resources. How-to-run an auction articles or read real life case studies to get some ideas and inspiration for your next fundraising event. Our previous webinars are also posted for playback at your convenience.

More Auctria 2020 Details

The Auctria team will be conducting webinars to provide a live discussion of the 2020 updates. Please keep an eye on your admin email account and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for registration.

User Guide Links
Link to user guide website editor pages
Link to user guide email editor pages