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Streamline Everything

Screenshot source: - Auction Summary
(Screenshot source: - Auction Summary)

Auctria streamlines the entire auction process. Seamlessly manage donors and procurement, bidders and bidding and checkout.

From the first donor and donation through bidders to the last receipt allows the fundraising team to track and manage all aspects of the fundraising event.

  • Procurement: track the entire process from donor contact → items → auction offering
  • Bidder Automation: centralize the bidding process from registration → bids, payments & donations → checkout
  • Generate Printed Materials: bid sheets, display pages, gift certificates, & auction catalog
  • Checkout-Out: collect payments, donations, ticket & product sales, print or email receipts efficiently

By using Auctria from day 1 of auction planning fundraising means being organized. Being organized means time is saved. Saved time means human resources can be used to tell your story, develop relationships, market and raise more funds.

Always Current

Screenshot source: - Item List
(Screenshot source: - Item List)

Auctria allows any user with an internet connection to manage and view all auction activities. Administrators can work smoothly behind the scenes. Donors and bidders can view and bid on the auction.

  • Team members can all access the same program, at the same time from any location, or any computer platform
  • Behind the scenes tracking is always up-to-the-minute
  • Users can work independently yet remain consistent
  • Donors & bidders see a professional and polished auction product

Work cross-country or cross-platform with all team members because Auctria runs on our servers. Everything stays organized and consistent, looking uniform & sharp.

Auction Process

Screenshot source: - Checkout
(Screenshot source: - Checkout)

There are lots of moving pieces to a fundraising auction. Organize all operations with one program. Fundraising team uses Auctria for marketing. Procurement team loads all donors and donations. Finance team uses Auctria for collections and reporting.

  • Dashboard reports help see the overall picture
  • Reports give fingertip access and can be customized for your needs
  • Auctria manages the auction process and forms: donors, donations, bidder registration, bid sheets, bid catalog, item pricing and bid increments, collections and receipts

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Auctria

Sign up

Create a free account for your group or organization. Anyone can sign up.

Set up your event

Enter a few details about your event.

Start organizing!

Begin selling tickets, entering items, tracking donors or producing the forms you need