Affordable, Straight-Forward Online Auction Pricing


  • $10,000 total income per year
  • No performance fees
  • Unlimited events
  • Online/Mobile Bidding
  • Silent/Live Auctions
  • Track Donations/Paddle Raise
  • Texting
  • 250 Bidders Per Event
  • 3 Team Members
  • 1% Credit Card Fee2
  • Track Sales Tax
  • Track Consignment Items
  • Excel Import
  • Custom Emails
  • Community Support Resources
  • Chat/Email Support


$350 per year
  • $50,000 total income per year
  • No performance fees
  • Unlimited events
  • Online/Mobile Bidding
  • Silent/Live Auctions
  • Track Donations/Paddle Raise
  • Texting1
  • 750 Bidders Per Event
  • 10 Team Members
  • 0.5% Credit Card Fee2
  • Track Sales Tax
  • Track Consignment Items
  • Excel Import
  • Custom Emails
  • Community Support Resources
  • Chat/Email Support


$700 per year
  • Unlimited income tracking per year
  • No performance fees
  • Unlimited events
  • Online/Mobile Bidding
  • Silent/Live Auctions
  • Track Donations/Paddle Raise
  • Texting1
  • 1,000 Bidders Per Event
  • 99 Team Members
  • 0.25% Credit Card Fee2
  • Track Sales Tax
  • Track Consignment Items
  • Excel Import
  • Custom Emails
  • Community Support Resources
  • Chat/Email Support

1 Texting is only available in the United States and Canada currently.

2 Auctria supports and Authorize.Net for credit card processing. Auctria's credit card fee is in addition to the fees you would pay to the payment processor. See Credit Card Costs for more details.

Auctria Services

Get your event up and running as quickly and stress-free as possible. Learn more


+$450 per event
  • Assisted setup service for one event
  • Event settings
  • Event website setup
  • Ticket/sponsorship setup
  • Three scheduled Zoom calls
    • Discovery call (45 minutes)
    • Mid-point call (15 minutes)
    • Go Live/Training call (45 minutes)
  • Event night phone support
1 Must have active Emerald or Diamond plan

Launch Plus

+$600 per event
  • Everything in Auctria Launch
  • Two custom event graphics with two revisions each
  • All Three calls in Auctria launch
  • Two additional scheduled Zoom calls
    • Pre-event call (15 min)
    • Post-event call (15 min)
1 Must have active Emerald or Diamond plan

Auctria Add-on Assist

More in-depth consultations and training for your team through a Zoom call. Learn more

Assist 20

$49.95 per call
  • One scheduled 20-minute Zoom call

Assist 45

$99.95 per call
  • One scheduled 45-minute Zoom call

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan is right for me?

If you have a smaller event and will raise under $10,000 in total for the year or just want to try things out, you can register for free and use the Explorer plan. Connect the auction to Stripe and accept payments online. Does not include chat/email support.

Explorer is enabled to purchase Assist only, not Launch or Launch Plus.

Emerald & Diamond
Choose Emerald if your fundraiser income will be between $10K-$50K (annual).
Choose Diamond if your fundraiser will earn over $50K (annual).
Both Emerald & Diamon Include chat/email support, texting phone number, and an initial messages block.

Emerald & Diamond are enabled to purchase Auctria Launch, Auctria Launch Plus or Auctria Assist.

Emerald Plan max income per year $50,000
Diamond Plan no max income per year

What is Auctria Launch & Auctria Assist?

Auctria Launch and Auctria Assist are new customer service options designed for those who want help setting up the logistics within the Auctria platform. These are great options to free up your time to work on other important details.

What is a 'Team member'?

Team members are the people (identified by an email address) that are able to sign in to the Auctria site and help run your auction. Team members can add items, bidders, bids, etc. You may call them administrators or admins for short. In the system you will give them User permission to help plan and run the event.

Do you automatically bill annually?

No -- we will not automatically bill you for each year's license. Should you choose to use Auctria for the next year you will need to re-enter payment details to renew your license. Auctria does not believe in locking you in for any multi-year obligations.

What happens if I exceed the $ limit?

On the Explorer plan, if income goes over $10 it will stop accepting bids, donations and purchases. Bidders will get an error until you remove excess bids or upgrade. Keep an eye on your dashboard to be safe!

For paid plans, if your event income goes above the $ limit, then you'll be notified and can either upgrade the account or reduce the income recorded.

What counts towards the $ limit?

Any income recorded from bidders counts towards the $ limit -- winning bids, purchases or donations.

Are there any other hidden fees or commissions?

No -- our only fees are the annual license fee.

If you use the optional integrated credit card processing there is small processing fee from Auctria. The credit card processor has its own fees that are direct to them.

Emerald & Diamond plans include texting feature: a dedicated phone number and up to 1,000 or 3,000 initial texts. Additional texts are available for purchase ($25.00\1,000 additional texts).

What does 'no performance fees' mean?

We don't charge you a percentage of what your event raises; our license fee is a fixed price upfront cost. The only additional costs are associated with processing credit cards through the site and the optional texting features.

Is there a limit on the number of items or bidders?

There is NO limit to the number of items.

The Explorer plan is limited to 250 Bidders.

The Emerald plan is limited to 750 Bidders.

The Diamond plan is limited to 1000 Bidders.

If you plan on having more than 1000 bidders, email us for assistance.

Is support included?

Email support is included with the Emerald and Diamond Plan. Email support is not included with the Explorer Plan.

All plans have access to Auctria's extensive User Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions, screenshots and videos for more complex uses. In addition, all previous webinars are available for playback.

Our Auctria community, FB Group Auction Team Talk is another resource. We welcome all auction teams to connect with each other there.

What is included in Auctria Launch and Launch Plus? How much does it cost?

Auctria Launch and Launch Plus can be purchased alongside the Emerald or Diamond Plan.

Launch provides an assisted set-up for your event and ensures it runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. It takes the set-up work off your to-do list.

During a scheduled discovery call, our specialist will ask you all the pertinent questions about your event and then set it all up for you.

Our dedicated team will put together the fundraising event on the Auctria platform, including your event website, so you get more free time.

Auctria Launch includes:

Scheduled discovery call with our event experts and your team
Event set-up (including tickets & sponsorships)
Website set-up (using your graphics & assets)
Item import
Review/training call
Event night phone support

Auctria Launch Plus includes:
Everything in Launch plus 2 extra scheduled Zoom calls and 2 custom graphics.

What is included in Auctria Assist? How much does it cost?

Auctria Assist can be purchased alongside all Auctria plans. This is an optional purchase and can be purchased at any time.

Auctria Assist lets you schedule a session with an Auctria specialist for a more in-depth personalized consultation or training for you and your auction team.

Auctria Assist is a scheduled session with an Auctria specialist. There are two levels of assist:
Assist 45, $99.99 per 45 min Zoom call
Assist 20, $49.95 per 20 minute Zoom call

Do I have to use your credit card processing?

No -- all the credit card processing features are optional. However, to take full advantage of the streamlined features, we suggest using one of our providers: or Authorize.Net.

You can use other credit card services or terminals alongside our site and record the payments the same way you would cash or check payments.

Is credit card information secure?

Yes -- your credit card information is managed securely on our behalf by Stripe, a globally trusted payments company that has been certified a PCI Service Provider Level 1.

What happens when the license expires?

If the license expires, the account will revert to an 'Explorer' license, and you'll be subject to those limits. No data will be deleted though, and you can renew at any time.

What currency are your Plans in?

Our prices are listed in USD for all customers, with the exception of Canadians. In Canada, the same price is charged in CAD, but customers also have to pay HST.

What if I am using a different currency?

A number of currencies are supported, including USD, CAD, EUR, AUD & JPY. The $ limit will be translated into an equivalent amount in your local currency.

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