Introducing Auctria


Charity Auction Organizer is now Auctria

As part of our ongoing evolution, Charity Auction Organizer is now Auctria.

Enabling groups to fundraise and run over 10,000 auctions over 5 years helped Auctria continuously improve and grow.

And grow we have, right into a new name and website!

Auctria is fully committed to providing affordable tools to help groups of any size run successful fundraising auctions.

  • Auctria will provide same great service.

  • All your data is available Auctria, on going auctions are unaffected.

  • Licenses will seamlessly transfer to Auctria with no change.

  • There will be no disruption in service.

  • No work is necessary on your end to change anything!

  • We will not stop improving. Feedback is always appreciated.

What do I need to do?


You can access the site now through but links through will continue to work for you and your bidders.