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Boost Auction Fundraiser Income: spotlight on live & silent events


All are invited, Auctria webinars are FREE

So you want to run an auction fundraiser or have run one but wondering can we do more wit the event to REALLY increase the final donation amount? In this webinar we will focus on maximizing the Silent & Live (in-person auction event).

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Best practices and practical advice to help groups make more money with an auction fundraiser.  Agenda will include: 
  • Purpose & expectations of running an auction fundraiser
  • Contrasting auction types
  • Adding in an hybrid components
  • Choosing & Using a professional auctioneer
  • Team roles, timelines & checklists
  • Promoting the auction

We are pleased to feature professional auctioneer Stephen Kilbreath join us for his expert advice on choosing and using an auctioneer for the event. After calling hundreds of auctions he will share some great stories too.

Friday-March 1, 2019; noon EST


Wednesday-March 6, 2019; noon EST


All are invited, Auctria webinars are FREE

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