Between Auctions: Fundraising Options

Between Auctions: Fundraising Options

The auction is complete, what other fundraising options are there to meet our goals? Auction fundraising is a great platform from which to remain connected to donors, bidders and supporters. Be sure to thank everyone that was involved in anyway that helped move the auction forward. It is then you can move to the next step of building a longer term and meaningful connection. Remember to complete these 9 post auction duties, then it’s ok to move on and ask again.

Post Auction Communication

Continue to communicate the final outcome of the auction fundraiser in terms of dollars but also in terms of how those dollars are being used. Show and tell the final chapter of the auction fundraising story. Show with photos and videos. Tell with short snippets and first hand reports. Communicate multiple times in multiple routes such as in emails, at meetings, on the website, through leaders of the organization and on social media. Be sure to post on social media various times of the week and day. Social threads and streams move very rapidly so it’s ok to repeat posts.

Review and Survey

Take a retrospective look at the data from past fundraisers. Do the same exact people participate in all the fundraisers? Most likely not, so there is an opportunity to offer a different type of fundraiser at a separate time to bring in fundraising dollars from some new individuals.

Map out the future fundraisers. Do a 360 degree evaluation before embarking on a fundraiser strategy. Do a formal survey using a free tool like Survey Monkey, or an informal survey. Either way be sure to evaluate the answers from: supporters small and large, users of the charity funds, volunteers, the board, executive board, general membership and any employees that touch the fundraising scheme. It may be quite constructive to bettering the fundraising efforts.

Some people just can't say no to yummy edibles, some people just want to click and send some cash. Offering an assortment of ways to help the organization raise funds for the cause can easily broaden the donor base.

Seven Questions to ask before choosing the next fundraiser

  1. How much money do you need to raise?
  2. Where will the money go?
  3. How many volunteers will you have to work on the fundraiser?
  4. What type of fundraiser would motivate your donor base?
  5. What type of fundraiser would you be comfortable doing?
  6. What is your fundraising budget?
  7. How much time do you have to prepare for the fundraiser?

The answers will be unique to each fundraising group however further introspection can guide the endeavors. Proper preparation and attention to the basics will help position your fundraiser for success. Answering the 7 questions to ask before choosing a fundraiser above is a good place to start and to help identify the best fit for your organization.

The Best Fundraiser

This question has been asked over and over again. The Best Fundraiser is different for each group and at each separate time. Here is how to decide

  • Be Aware: Understand Your Donor Base
  • Evaluate: Past Fundraising Outcomes
  • Support: Align Fundraising Support Services
  • Time: Respect and Managing Time

Don’t get frustrated when fundraising, get educated! To help define the best for YOUR group read more

Types of Fundraisers

Finding the best fundraiser is specific to the group, audience, supporters, time of year. The best is not the same for each non-profit sector, or region, or group size. Here are the main categories of fundraisers: product sales, food sales, crowdfunding, giveback, fundraising software, special events, & expert adviser.


Product Sales Fundraiser

Tend to be catalog based Product fundraisers focus on selling products to people already buying or want to buy. By offering items people already buy at a great price and for a good cause, people are more likely to participate. View product sales fundraising vendors.

Food Sales Fundraiser

Already prepared or ready to cook or consume Food fundraisers focus on selling food products that are either a simple commodity or niche and unique. Food fundraisers tend to be catalog based with a theme such as candy, snacks, popcorn or cookies. Food sales can be raw product such as cookie dough or popcorn bags, OR already prepared foods such as candies and lollipops. View food sales fundraising vendors.

CrowdFunding Fundraiser

Direct ask to stakeholders for donations A fundraiser to raise money from small amounts of donations from a large number of people. This is typically done online or mobile and relies upon social media sharing to engage in giving. View crowdfunding fundraising vendors.

Giveback Fundraiser

Retailers and restaurants Giving Back fundraisers allow your donors to dine or shop at their favorite places. Restaurants and retail shops typically give 10-20% back to the cause. View give back fundraising listings.

Fundraising Software Fundraiser

Get organized, long term planning This type of software helps to streamline fundraising by managing volunteers, memberships, donors & overall record keeping. You may notice software these days is web based Software as a Service (SaaS). View fundraising software programs.

Special Events Fundraiser

Events with a purpose A fundraising event that occurs for a limited time with a specific purpose. Special events tend to be themed with an activity to trigger short term interest yet with a specific impact. Using a special event brings freshness, ignites new passion and unique donors. View special event fundraising vendors.

Expert Advisor Fundraiser

Fundraising with an expert can exponentially increase income. Professional consultants, coaches and event coordinators specializing in fundraising. Utilizing experts can move fundraising efforts from ordinary to extraordinary. Investing in the time and money with experts can optimize fundraising campaigns. View expert fundraising advisors that are ready to serve.

Even More Fundraisers

Unique and do it yourself fundraising Fundraising activities that don’t fit in the box. Inspirational fundraising including: special events, projects, philanthropic services, DIY. View unique fundraising options.

DIY Fundraising

Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes you just need to do-it-yourself with a quickie fundraiser. An entire A-Z DIY fundraising listing is here.

To get started consider…

A is for Art Sale Students love to create, parents love to cherish. “Sell’ the student’s artwork for a small donation. Upsell with frames and the child’s photograph to commemorate the piece.

Z is for Zombie Movie night. Zombie Movie Night. Invite guests to watch a fun Zombie movie under the stars. Charge admission, sell snacks and give away a prize for the best dressed


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Tips & Webinars

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Special thanks to Sheryl at Fundraising Fox for sharing her expert advice on fundraising. Her favorite tip: Lesson Learned, Respecting the people you work with will allow you to achieve your goals and have fun doing it.

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