Auctria is leader in auction fundraising and networks regularly with leaders, gurus and professionals that enhance the fundraising community.

The spectrum ranges from philanthropy experts to vendor services. Each has found it’s way on this list due to their qualified expertise and value they may bring to an auction fundraiser.


Sell Custom T-shirts & Collect Donations. Read more in Host the Perfect Fundraising Event: 6 Incredible Ideas


DonationMatch partners with companies that value supporting special events to make access to their in-kind donations easier than ever. Read more in How To Efficiently Find In-Kind Donations

Double the Donation

Donation Matching Service. Read more in Double Your Donations: 5 Strategies

Events With Benefits

This podcast designed to provide nonprofit staff, volunteers, event planners, PTOs and fundraisers

Firefly Creative

Be creative in reaching millennials with Snapchat is the hottest new instant messaging app for sharing photos among millennials ages 16 to 34. Read more in Promoting Your Auction is a Snap

Lori Jacobwith

Fundraising Expert & Coach

Queen Bee Fundraising

Sell-out and fill the seats at your next fundraising event. Read more in 5 Tips For Selling Tickets And Filling Seats

Tony Martignetti

Podcast for current topics for non-profits. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join Tony each week to tackle the tough issues


Comprehensive solution to volunteer management, communication, and on-line sales needs. Read more in Get Your Entire Group Organized

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