Offline Client

What is it?

Auctria's offline client feature is a program you download and install that allows you to work with your auction data without an internet connection.

How does it work?

After being installed, the offline client will download your auction data from Auctria.com and store it on your computer for offline access.

The offline client acts as a local copy of our website, totally contained on your computer. You access your auction data from your local computer using your web browser with the same interface as Auctria.com.

When an internet connection is available the offline client will transparently synchronize the changes you have made locally with Auctria.com and vice versa. Changes you have made will be uploaded to the website, and any changes made on the website will be downloaded to your computer.

Do I need it?

If you do not have internet access at your auction venue, then you will need the offline client feature to record bids, checkout bidders, etc during your event.

If you do have internet access then you can either rely on Auctria.com, or use the offline client. Using the offline client will give you an extra degree of protection against unforeseen problems, such as your internet connection going down.

During the preparation for your auction you can use the website and do not need to use the offline client.

What do I need?

The offline client is available to users with a Silver license or above (or the older Standard or Professional license). You must install it on a Windows based computer that has internet access at install time.

The offline client works with Windows 7 or later (32 or 64 bit). We recommend a machine with at least 4GB of RAM. If you are running a local network, then it is best to install it on the fastest machine you have available. Performance on netbooks tends to be fairly slow.

Does it support multiple users?

Yes. Your computer running the offline client is able to act as a server to other machines on your local network, allowing multiple users access to your data offline.

Your local network refers to other machines connected to the same wifi network, or plugged into the same router. You do not need the router to be connected to the internet for this to work.

Can I install multiple copies?

You should never need to install multiple copies of the offline client. The only time the offline client should be used is during your auction event itself, in which case a single copy is able to act as a server to a local network.

If you have multiple copies of the offline client installed they will not be sharing changes correctly between them and so you will see different views of your auction data.

Can I process credit card transactions offline?

No. Our credit card integration through Stripe.com requries that you are connected to the internet to validate the credit card details. For security reasons it also isn't possible to capture credit cards offline for processing later.

How do I set up a local network?

Setting up a local network varies depending on the hardware you have, and we are unable to provide direct technical support for this. However, in general you can use a router like you may have at home to create a wired or wireless network.

Where do I get it?

To download the offline client sign in to your account, and click on Settings, then Offline Client and follow the instructions.

Once it is installed the offline client will automatically update itself when a new version is released.

How do I install it?

For instructions on how to install the offline client see the user guide, in particular:

After installing the offline client, you enter your Auctria.com username and password and it will download your auction data. Once this process is complete you can disconnect the internet and continue to access your data.

When should I install it?

If you are going to use the offline client during your auction event then we strongly recommend installing it several days before hand to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you are going to be using a local network during your event then please try this out before hand to be familiar with the process. Ideally you should try a practice run with the same equipment that you will be using on auction night.