ArtSpring Treasure Fair 2015

ArtSpring Treasure Fair
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ArtSpring's 2015




ArtSpring is the performance and visual art centre on Salt Spring Island, BC. Since 2001, the Treasure Fair & related fundraising events have been very successful in raising money for ArtSpring in order to provide funding for the continuing support of community cultural activities. So we're celebrating fifteen years of generous donations from Salt Springers, countless volunteer hours donated to make the events raging successes each year and yes, 15 years of excited bidders, eager to outdo their friends and neighbours in bidding for one or more of the wonderful auction items!

Lobby Art is a 'newer' venture - this being only its 4th year.  The premise is similar to the Treasure Fair - the items are donated by ArtSpring supporters and silent bidding determines the eventual lucky winner.  The differences are that Lobby Art items are highlighted individually rather than as a conglomerate; they are displayed in the upper lobby of ArtSpring rather than in the galleries; and each bid is kept secret until the bidding is closed rather than being displayed on open bid sheets.  Thus the excitement & uncertaintly - you have to make sure your bid is high enough to carry the day!

All the action takes place at ArtSpring, 100 Jackson Avenue, Salt Spring Island, BC.

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Note: We aim for accuracy in the descriptions & photos attached to each item; however, if you're interested in bidding on any of the items, please visit ArtSpring during the Treasure Fair and examine the item for yourself. Buy-It-Now prices will be in effect beginning July 16, 10:00am.